Muroexe Supercell

A shoe that not only fits perfectly, but also perfectly fits every occasion is hard to come by these days. Thanks to the recent release of the Muroexe Supercell collection, there’s a new shoe on the block that you can wear for just about every…

Jabra Rox Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

After trying out different earphones with cables, I had the opportunity to test the Jabra ROX Wireless Earphones for more than two weeks. Is this the solution for tangled earbud wires? And can their technology compete with other products on the market?

Philips BT100 Bluetooth Speaker

The market for portable speakers has grown a lot in the last years. Major brands like Beats Electronics released products in varying sizes and colors (e.g. the Beats Pill 2.0.). Most of them are quite big for being considered a portable product.

Anker cable & power bank

Have you ever heard about Anker? Anker produces technical accessories for iPhone, Mac and more. I found out about them while planning my trip to India in February, when I was looking for an external battery source to provide extra power for my iPhone. Additionally…

Beats by Dr. Dre urBeats SE

After years of using the Apple EarPods I have decided to give some other earphones a chance. I know headphones offer a way better sound but most of the headphones on the market are totally ugly and if you are a frequent reader of Expand…

rotring Rapid Pro

It’s hard to find a well-made pen these days. You get plastic pens with fancy messages at every event or at every store as a present. For me a pen is essential, I really like old school hand writing instead of using a MacBook all…

Holstee and Bellroy - the black wallet and a card sleeve

Holstee the Black Wallet and Bellroy card sleeve

Before we all had smartphones a good wallet was the best thing to keep our stuff in order. In my opinion a well made wallet is still one of the most important thing to carry around, especially card sleeves are perfect as a constant companion…

Braun BN0032 white

The BN0032 is a watch by the German manufacturer BRAUN which was founded by Max Braun in 1921. Since then BRAUN has made different products from shavers and hand blenders to calculators and watches.